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Hidden Valley Mountain Resort in Pinamungajan, Cebu

Hidden Valley Resort is situated in the Southwestern part of Cebu Islands, Philippines.

Particularly, it is in Barangay Lamac, Pinamungahan Town of Cebu.

The area is exceptionally great for outdoor activities since it is blessed with natural environment ideal for adventure, camping, and even for just leisurely activities.

In other words, the area of Pinamungahan Town has fantastic views of nature offering the right sites for vacation and outdoor activities.

Aside from leisurely activities, vacation or short break from your busy normal life, the resort also offer its facilities for various family, social, business and other events. It simply means that you can bring bigger number of people and hold any kind of event or activity you need.

Let’s check out this resort…

Fun & Interesting Activities

In this open and spacious mountain and valley resort, you will certainly enjoy the environment and nature. Not only that but you can also use the facilities and available resources to enjoy any activity you can do here.

Here are some of the activities you can do at this resort…

  • Hiking
  • caving
  • camping
  • river trekking
  • waterfalls, etc.

Within or inside Hidden Valley Resort you will enjoy…

  • Swimming at their pool (4 pools for children and adults)
  • Camping inside their camp sites
  • Playing games in their sports center
  • Enjoying the fish pond, etc.

There's no need to explain each one of them. You only need to get to this place and do any, or if you can, all of the above.

Great Facilities & Services

Just in case you missed reading some items above, here are the facilities and services you can use and make use of while in the resort.

Conference Rooms
Yes, you can hold your serious business meetings, seminars, conferences, and even retreats and other religious events in this wonderful place.

Cocktail Receptions
Of course, you just don’t hold very serious and work related events here. You can have your weddings, debuts, parties, anniversaries, honeymoon, and anything about gatherings as social human beings.
The resort can accommodate up to 300 guests at once. Just to make sure you’ve contacted and arranged your event ahead of time to prevent slip-ups and heartaches!

  • Natibo Resto. It is a traditional or native Filipino restaurant.
  • Café Veranda for drinks
  • Kabyaw Ristawran (a restaurant)
  • 4 Swimming pools (separate for children and adults)
  • Fish pond, kiosks, camping ground, hiking trail, sports center
  • Botanical garden
  • Life-size animal figures
  • Convenience Store, etc

Hidden Valley's Accommodation & Rates

There are 45 rooms available with various sizes and capacities to accommodate guests. They have from single to dorm-type rooms available at your disposable.

All rooms are equipped with air-conditioning facilities. However, if you really want the fresh air from the plants, you may just turn off that machine and enjoy the natural oxygen… your choice!

If you are interested to have some ideas about the rates of rooms, here is the range…

Single room: Php1500-2000 for 2 guests

Hidden Valley Mountain Resort offers package deals for those who wish to get a bit more of discounts. As of this writing, there are two offers as follow:
Package A: 3meals; swimming pool; air-conditioned dorm-type room (Php750/person)
Package B: 3 meals; swimming pool; air-conditioned family-type room for 5 guests (Php1,100)

Whatever type of accommodation you prefer the resort would certainly give what you wish for to satisfy your need or budget.

Please, be reminded that the quotes above are temporary and could change over time or without any prior notice. So, you must confirm or inquire from the management through the contact details included below.